Individual Work

Private session focus on life issues that include, among others:
- your life purpose and the path you wish to take for your own freedom;
- your emotional needs;
- any self sabotaging psychological patterns that hinder abundance;
- potential addictions;
- health;
- relationship;
- intimacy;
- any other life issues you may personally come across each day.
Each session is unique and caters to what you are going through in each moment. In these sessions, depending upon what is needed, we would work using Family Constellations, Gestalt, Active Meditations, Breath and Trauma healing techniques or other holistic healing methods.
It is possible that one session may be enough to uncover and address urge issue you face. However, at times, one session may not be enough to go into the depths of what hinders your potential. Additional sessions will help in enabling you to create the foundations of well-being.